Brand Story Framework

1. Who

At the heart of every brand story is the “Who” – the individuals or visionaries behind the brand. Share the founders’ stories, their motivations, and the team that brings the brand to life. Introducing the people behind the brand establishes a human connection, making the narrative relatable.


2. What

Define the core essence of the brand with the “What.” Clearly articulate the products or services offered and what makes them stand out. Highlight the unique value proposition that sets the brand apart in the market.


3. Where

The “Where” encompasses the geographical and cultural context of the brand. Explore the brand’s roots, the locations it operates in, and how these aspects contribute to its identity. The ‘where’ adds a layer of authenticity and helps consumers connect with the brand’s origins.


4. When

Timing is crucial in a brand story. The “When” reflects the brand’s journey over time – its milestones, evolution, and key moments that shaped its identity. Whether it’s a historical event or a product launch, narrating the brand’s timeline adds depth to the overall story.


5. Why

The “Why” encapsulates the purpose and values driving the brand. Communicate the mission, the beliefs that guide decision-making, and the impact the brand aspires to make. Clearly articulating the ‘why’ forms an emotional connection, resonating with consumers who share similar values.


6. How

The “How” outlines the methodologies and approaches employed by the brand. Whether it’s innovative processes, sustainable practices, or a commitment to quality, the ‘how’ demonstrates the brand’s commitment to delivering its promises and creating a positive impact.


In conclusion, employing the 5W1H framework provides a structured and comprehensive approach to crafting a brand story. By addressing the who, what, where, when, why, and how, brands can create narratives that not only inform but also engage, forging a connection with their audience that goes beyond mere transactions. The result is a brand story that resonates, captivates, and stands the test of time.

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