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Experienced creative expert, delivering impactful design solutions. Passionate about consulting with individuals and businesses seeking expertise.

About me

A visionary in creative design innovation, reshaping the digital landscape through a fusion of expertise and ambition.

Johnson Abiona


+234 706 968 8746

Lagos, Nigeria.


My Skills

An in-born creative with a lifelong passion for art, design, and technology. I’ve honed these skills and I am eager to share my expertise with others.


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Brand Design

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Website Design & Dev.

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Website Design & Dev.

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Illustration Project

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Graphic Design

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Animation & Video Editing

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Media Project

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Added Quality

Self-Taught & Research
Project Management


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Corel Draw
  • Indesign
  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • After Effect
  • Premier Pro
  • WordPress
  • VMix
  • Easy worship
  • Blackmagic atem

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Other Shades of J0hnsyn

J0hnsyn possesses innate artistic talent, and during my leisure hours, I engage in pencil drawing as a means of alleviating stress and pressure. My journey began with pencil and paper drawings, but with the progression of technology, I have transitioned into the phase of digital illustration.

J0hnsyn as a digital illustrator, I equipped myself to become a professional graphic designer through extensive self-taught practice. My creative ideas and projects have set a global standard in the creative field.

J0hnsyn As a website designer and developer, I acknowledge the website's significance as a unique platform for online identity. I dedicated extra effort to refine my website techniques, combining them with my design skills. This commitment enabled me to seamlessly transition into a professional website designer and developer through extensive self-taught practice.

J0hnsyn 's passion for creating stunning visuals has led him to find a significant role within the media departments of various organizations, particularly in churches and NGOs. My exposure to media across different capacities, including video capturing, streaming, projection and video editing, has allowed me to hone my media skills to a professional level. I take pride in being an essential member of the media team at Household of David.

My love for storytelling has driven me to progress into the realm of motion graphics, embarking on a fascinating and rewarding adventure.

This represents a new phase in my journey as a creative individual. My initiative to establish a branding and tech company has compelled me to delve deeper into the world of brands and to innovate solutions to address branding challenges.

Drawing upon my extensive years of experience in the creative field, I've made the commitment to give back to the community and contribute to our country by unlocking the untapped potential of those interested in pursuing a career in technology or the digital realm. Through digital training and mentorship, I aim to impart both technical skills and soft skills, leveraging my over a decade of experience in the creative industry.

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